We are located in the Gallery of the clock, who joined the 9th place du Maréchal-leclerc, 89000 Auxerre (above the Cave du Maréchal, located in the car park opposite the Town Hall) to the impasse of the “fourbisseur” of swords (which overlooks the street of the clock).

Our space is located 100 metres from the clock tower.

Parking place du Maréchal-leclerc is paying: If you want to stay all day, we recommend you to park on the boulevards (Boulevard du 11 novembre, or boulevard Vauban), or to the Cinema (parking Place of the Arquebuse – attention to markets on Tuesdays and Fridays morning), and come on foot.

To access the Gallery of the clock, you will need to climb a few steps.

If you are a person with reduced mobility, contact us, we will do the necessary.

Note : If you have a dog or a cat, Gaëlle our groomer neighbour, will be happy to welcome him: 03 86 51 32 18